Our Mission Is Simple. To provide farm fresh and sustainably raised meat, eggs and vegetables.

Our crops:

We raise corn, soybeans, hay, pasture,oats, barley and vegetables on 310 acres. Cropland is terraced and contoured to slow the flow of water across the field. Crops are rotated and planted in srips to further slow wind and water erosion. Buffers are left for erosion control and the benefit of wildlife.

Our Livestock:

The cattle, sheep, chickens, rabbits, Ducks and turkeys on our farm are raised sustainably. With the land producing feed for the animals and the animal’s furnishing nutrients for the soil we are trying to strike a balance between the animals, land, and water.


We do not use growth hormones or sub-theraputic antibiotics in our livestock production. If an animal must be treated with antibiotics it is removed from consideration for direct marketing and family use. We believe that the indiscriminate and continuous use of antibiotics poses a serious threat to human health.

We use best management practices to minimize pesticide use on our cropland. The livestock we raise are fed non-GMO grains. Feeding our own hay and grazing is our answer to the problems associated with industrial agriculture.