Joys of summer

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You can’t beat raking hay in the summer. The fragrance of fresh hay, the Karl Kuerner like images of windrows against the backdrop of tree covered hills. And most importantly finding a patch of ripening blackcaps! I could pick a bunch to bring home and let others enjoy them….but I never do.

Posted on July 8th 2012 in Farming

Swarm time

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Honeybees swarm when the colony becomes crowded. They create what is called a swarm cell, which is a cell producing a new queen, and a few days before it hatches the old queen and about 1/2 of the bees take leave of the colony. In this case the swarm stopped over on a tree outside the house and I was able to capture it and use it to start a new colony.

Posted on July 6th 2012 in Farming, Honeybees