A little slice of Nature

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Working land for Gary behind the Silver Creek Reservoir in Haverhill Township I stopped and snapped this photo. In the foreground on the water are a couple clutches of ducks. Pretty impressive how a flood control structure can add a little slice of nature in the otherwise agrarian landscape.

Posted on April 30th 2012 in Farming

984. 2012 calving season has commenced

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New 2012 calf

New 2012 calf hiding behind mama cow.

First new calves have come in now. Calves are born on grass and will stay on pasture with the cows until after corn harvest when thay are turned into the cornstalk fields for Fall grazing. By calving on grass I have no need to treat calves with any antibiotic to treat or prevent scours. A common type of bacterial infection that often afflicts calves born earlier in the winter.

Posted on April 13th 2012 in Farming

985. Chicken Blowout

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New chicks are coming soon and we still have a few 2011 production fryers in the freezer. We will sell them for $2.00/lb until they are gone. The birds were raised without antibiotics and were finished on grass and allowed to range.

Posted on April 11th 2012 in Farming

Work at Graham Park

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Lots going on out at Graham Park. The Olmsted county fairboard and Olmsted county parks have ponied up some money to continue improvments on Building 31 (aka floral hall). They will be replacing floor joists in the upstairs that will enable the upstairs to be used again for events. Also the county has the money required and has bids for replacing the windows. Notice in the picture the flashing placed over the eaves of the building. That prevents water from running down into cracks in the limestone where it freezes and damages the limestone.

Also county park and highway staff put in curb cuts and small drainage basins in the area between the beer garden and building 42. This allows water to run off the parking lot into these small catch basins and infitrate back into the ground instead of ending up in the storm sewer system and dumped into the river. A small first step towards reducing runoff from the facility. Also grass will be seeded into the worked up areas and trees will be planted. Furthering the greening of graham park.

Posted on April 11th 2012 in Olmsted county fair and Graham Park