FOGP February meeting

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Had a great meeting yesterday. We were briefed on some exciting activities going on surrounding building 31 on the Olmsted County Fairgrounds. Improvments that will allow the balcony area in building 31 (Floral Hall) which has been closed for nigh on 2 decades to be open to the public once more. The Friends will help promote awareness of this project through social media and will highlight it during grahamfest on Saturday May 19th.

Posted on February 24th 2012 in Olmsted county fair and Graham Park

986. Healthy Living Show

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guestpass healthy living showAnyone can print and use the attached image as a free pass to the Healthy Living Show March 24th and 25th at the Mayo Civic center. Good for 2 adults.

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986.5 Healthy green Living Show

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Cone on out and see us at the Healthy Green living show at the mayo civic center, booth #65, March 24th and 25th 10 AM to 5 PM each day. We will be taking preorders for rangefed chickens and talking about lamb and honey products.

Posted on February 23rd 2012 in Farming

988. Ewes in February

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ewes in FebruaryPretty mild weather for early February. With temps running in the low 30’s the ewes are almost overdressed. Some of the ewes are starting to get a little wider. Lambing is only about 5 weeks away. Side note: I need to get a hay feeder built for them. 1 more thing for the list.

Posted on February 9th 2012 in Farming

989. Cost of winter

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I had 6 colonies and lost one in the early winter during a cold spell. Now I have 1 more dead. The other 4 had been taking syrup and pollen replacer but this 1 did not. Stubborn, but if they will not take the feed their is only so much you can do. On the bright side I have drawn comb and some honey that can be used to feed new packages this spring.

Posted on February 5th 2012 in Farming, Honeybees